Our Expertise

Strategic Planning

Have a seasoned financial expert on the team to unearth and evaluate risks and opportunities. BizCFOs will add value to your strategic planning process.

Improve Cash Flow

When cash is needed during a shortfall, consider having a Fractional CFO find a better solution. Avoid unnecessary cash surprises, optimize debt and credit opportunities, and have a clear cash flow plan.

Exit Planning

You've worked hard to grow your business, but do you know the real worth today? Be prepared. You've worked hard so work smart to maximize your business value prior to your exit.

CFO Leadership

A CFO on a fractional time basis adds direction and expertise to your existing accounting, finance, and tax team.

Grow Profitably

When your growth and profit trajectories are out of alignment, a Fractional CFO can conduct an analysis to determine how to focus your business.

Benchmarking Key Performance Indicators

Have a BizCFO use technology to "tell the story" behind your current metrics and help you manage toward your industry benchmarks.
Serving Southeast Wisconsin, Greater Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay.
A Fractional CFO brings insight from a variety of situations to help you see the big picture. 
BizCFOs are pragmatic strategists, helping you meet your goals and achieve greater success for your business.
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